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7/3: Open Game Thread

A week ago today, the Mariners lost to the Padres because Damian Jackson hit two home runs. That's going to bug me for months.

First Pitch: 1:05pm PDT



Matthews Jr. LF             Ichiro RF
Young SS                    Winn LF
Teixeira 1B                 Ibanez DH
Blalock 3B                  Beltre 3B
Soriano 2B                  Spiezio 1B
Mench DH                    Lopez 2B
Hidalgo RF                  Morse SS
Alomar Jr. C                Bloomquist CF
Nix CF                      Borders C

----------                  ----------

Rogers (9-3, 2.46)          Moyer (6-3, 4.88)

As Rogers is appealing his suspension, he will indeed take the hill this afternoon for the first time since June 22. If Sandy Alomar and Pat Borders each start at catcher, we'll be looking at two batteries whose ages add up to 163. I can pretty much guarantee you that that's never been done before, ever, anywhere. Rogers' success this year has been a mirage, courtesy of a .269 BABIP, luck with home runs, and inordinately good pitching with men on base, so don't be misled by his 2.46 ERA. He's not a great pitcher. But then, neither is Jamie Moyer, who's looking to rebound from a disastrous start against Oakland five days ago. The Rangers are going to hit at least two home runs in this game, so it's going to be on the Mariner lineup to provide some support. With Rogers being a soft-tossing lefty, at least we have a chance.