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7/28: Open Game Thread/Betancourt

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT



Sizemore CF                 Ichiro RF
Belliard 2B                 Winn LF
Peralta SS                  Ibanez DH
Martinez C                  Sexson 1B
Liefer DH                   Beltre 3B
Boone 3B                    Bloomquist CF
Blake RF                    Morse SS
Broussard 1B                Betancourt 2B
Dubois LF                   Olivo C

----------                  ----------

Lee (11-4, 3.87)            Meche (10-7, 4.59)

We saw this same matchup a few days ago, so there's no sense in repeating what I already said. Fun fact: if you combined the two pitchers' last names, "E" accounts for 50% of all the letters.

As far as Yuniesky Bentancourt is concerned...well, the first thing is, where'd that come from? Lopez hasn't exactly been lighting it up in Seattle, but he's got a bright future, and it seems like the Mariners are getting a little impatient. Which is weird, because they sent him down to Tacoma to make room for a guy who's just being fast-tracked through the organization in Betancourt. He's a contact hitter who's shown better power than anyone expected so far this year, but I feel like his over-aggressive approach at the plate is going to be just as big a problem in the Majors as it was for Lopez. Of course, with all the raving we've heard regarding Betancourt's glove, I wonder if anyone in the organization really cares what he does with the stick in the first place.