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Betancourt Up

Apparently, KJR is reporting that Yuniesky Betancourt has been called up to Seattle with Jose Lopez on his way back down.

The only confirmation I have is KJR. At Cheney today, I overheard Dan Rohn on the phone discussing Betancourt, but I didn't hear much nor does that mean anything.

UPDATE - 4:07pm: Rotoworld has Lopez going down, but no word on who's coming up and has Betancourt coming up. I'm still trying to get someone from the Rainiers FO on the phone. Kevin Kalal gives final confirmation.

Rotoworld link.

KOMO link.

ESPN link.

Looks like it's a done deal. Still, kind of a bizarre move considering Lopez hasn't had much time in Seattle and Betancourt certainly hasn't proven he's any better in Tacoma. Betancourt can play second base (he did last night), so Morse could stick at short. At this point, who knows what they're doing up there.