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7/26: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT



Granderson CF               Ichiro RF
Guillen SS                  Winn LF
Shelton 1B                  Ibanez DH
Ordonez RF                  Sexson 1B
White DH                    Beltre 3B
Rodriguez C                 Reed CF
Young LF                    Bloomquist SS
Infante 2B                  Lopez 2B
McDonald 3B                 Olivo C

----------                  ----------

Johnson (6-8, 4.14)         Pineiro (3-6, 5.72)

Jason Johnson strikes out less than a better every other inning, and he has a little bit of a home run problem. Why he isn't yet a member of the Mariner rotation, I can't be sure. The hang-up seems to be that he has pretty good control, which just doesn't mesh very well with our current starting five. Joel does nothing particularly well, except suck a lot, so look for some runs to be scored by at least one of the teams tonight.