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7/25: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT



Inge 3B                     Ichiro RF
Guillen SS                  Winn LF
Shelton 1B                  Ibanez DH
Ordonez RF                  Sexson 1B
White DH                    Beltre 3B
Rodriguez C                 Reed CF
Monroe LF                   Bloomquist SS
Infante 2B                  Lopez 2B
Granderson CF               Borders C

----------                  ----------

Robertson (5-7, 3.32)       Franklin (5-11, 4.75)

  1. If the Mariners are playing the Tigers today, they will face Nate Robertson.
  2. If the Mariners face Nate Robertson, they will hit against a lefty.
  3. If the Mariners hit against a lefty, Chris Snelling will not play.
  4. If Chris Snelling does not play, you will have little reason to be interested in this game.
  5. If you have little reason to be interested in this game, you shouldn't watch it.