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7/23: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 12:15pm PDT



Ichiro RF                   Sizemore CF
Winn LF                     Crisp LF
Ibanez DH                   Peralta SS
Sexson 1B                   Martinez C
Beltre 3B                   Broussard 1B
Bloomquist 2B               Belliard 2B
Morse SS                    Blake RF
Reed CF                     Boone 3B
Olivo C                     Dubois DH

----------                  ----------

Meche (10-6, 4.72)          Lee (10-4, 3.88)

Gil Meche sucks, Cliff Lee doesn't. However, Lee's got some endurance problems. After 19 starts a year ago, his ERA stood at 3.81 - it finished at 5.43. Now he's on pace to exceed (barely) his 2004 innings total, and there's a chance that he's about to hit the wall again. If he doesn't, though, look out - he's a developing #2 who's trimmed his walk rate significantly this year, and who's still just 26 years old. As a flyball pitcher, he'll always have a home run problem, but there are few players in the organization I wouldn't trade to get him on the Mariners. The same cannot be said of the Indians and Gil Meche. Discuss.