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7/21: Open Game Thread

Note: This post will be pushed under the Minor League Wrap-Up at some point this morning.

First Pitch: 9:37am PDT



Ichiro RF                   Adams SS
Winn LF                     Catalanotto LF
Ibanez DH                   Wells CF
Sexson 1B                   Hillenbrand DH
Beltre 3B                   Hill 3B
Reed CF                     Johnson RF
Morse SS                    Hinske DH
Lopez 2B                    Menechino 2B
Borders C                   Huckaby C

----------                  ----------

Pineiro (3-5, 5.61)         Towers (6-8, 4.85)

If this weren't a work day, having baseball at 9:30 in the morning would be pretty sweet. But it is, so it isn't.

Towers is the rare finesse righty control artist who's stuck in the Majors. Like any such pitcher, he has his problems with the longball, having yielded more than one and a half per nine innings over his career. How he does will depend on the guys behind him - if they're catching the ball, Towers could go seven or eight innings, but if they're not, he'll be gone by the fourth. Sound familiar?