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7/20: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 4:07pm PDT



Ichiro RF                   Adams SS
Winn LF                     Catalanotto LF
Ibanez DH                   Wells CF
Sexson 1B                   Hillenbrand 3B
Beltre 3B                   Hill DH
Morse SS                    Zaun C
Reed CF                     Rios RF
Lopez 2B                    Hinske 1B
Olivo C                     Hudson 2B

----------                  ----------

Franklin (5-10, 4.35)       Chacin (8-5, 3.81)

Opposite-handed versions of each other, in that Chacin is a pitch-to-contact lefty who throws strikes and gives up a lot of fly balls. That those fly balls haven't been leaving the park is the main statistical difference between he and Franklin, something which I don't expect to continue over the rest of the season. It'd be nice if the M's could speed up the equilibrium process between Chacin's homers and fly balls today, after hitting three out of the park yesterday afternoon. For what it's worth, Gustavo went 8.2 when he faced Seattle a month and a half ago, allowing three runs on 13 baserunners.