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7/17: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 1:05pm PDT



Roberts 2B                  Ichiro RF
Bigbie LF                   Winn LF
Mora 3B                     Ibanez DH
Tejada SS                   Sexson 1B
Palmeiro DH                 Beltre 3B
Surhoff 1B                  Reed CF
Gibbons RF                  Morse SS
Matos CF                    Lopez 2B
Fasano C                    Olivo C

----------                  ----------

Ponson (7-7, 5.93)          Meche (9-6, 4.94)

If you took all of Gil Meche's potential and turned it into fat, you'd get Sidney Ponson, who's working on one hell of an ugly season. Not that it's entirely his fault - that .360 BABIP is second-worst in the Majors among guys with at least 50 innings - but he's not missing any bats and anything he puts over the plate gets pounded, which can make people forget pretty quickly that you were once a highly-touted rotation anchor (and now a completely different type of anchor). He's going up against Gil Meche, so he has a pretty good chance of coming away with a win, or at least a no-decision, but he's going to have a lot of trouble with the lefties in the lineup.