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7/16: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT



Roberts 2B                  Ichiro RF
Sosa DH                     Winn LF
Mora 3B                     Ibanez DH
Tejada SS                   Sexson 1B
Palmeiro 1B                 Beltre 3B
Surhoff RF                  Bloomquist CF
Matos CF                    Morse SS
Bigbie LF                   Lopez 2B
Whiteside C                 Borders C

----------                  ----------

Chen (7-5, 3.87)            Moyer (8-3, 4.64)

Bruce Chen has faced current Mariners a total of 47 times. Jamie Moyer has faced Rafael Palmeiro twice as often by himself. So, if either one of these pitchers has the whole "unfamiliarity" thing working for him tonight, it won't be the one we want. Chen's been your standard #3 pitcher this year, with all of his peripherals hovering around the league average and a decent BABIP that's kept his ERA under four. The difference between him and Moyer is a strikeout and a half per game, which gives you an indication of both how strikeout-deprived our starting staff is, and how far Moyer has regressed from his career peak. Hopefully he re-discovers some of that old magic for a few hours tonight.