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7/15: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT



Roberts 2B                  Ichiro RF
Sosa DH                     Bloomquist 2B
Mora 3B                     Ibanez DH
Tejada SS                   Sexson 1B
Palmeiro 1B                 Beltre 3B
Gibbons RF                  Reed CF
Matos CF                    Morse SS
Bigbie LF                   Snelling LF
Fasano C                    Olivo C

----------                  ----------

Lopez (8-5, 4.47)           Pineiro (3-4, 5.44)

Based on Palmeiro's .290 batting average against righties this year, he has roughly a 2/3 - 3/4 chance of getting #3000 tonight, depending on how many at bats he gets. Pineiro's always had something of a reverse platoon split, but Palmeiro's tendency to beat the crap out of any and every Mariner pitcher probably balances that out. So, at least we'll have something to watch for other than mistake pitches and rally-killing double plays. The question I pose to you: how's it going to happen? Weak single up the middle off Joel in the second? Grand slam off Putz in the eighth? Error by Lopez that the Safeco scorer rules an infield single? There are practically infinite possibilities.

Oh, and it'd be nice to win the game.