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Nepotism & Throwing Away Draft Picks

There's probably going to be more outrage over this than there needs to be, given how late in the draft these choices were made, but nevertheless, I received the following note via email from Jon Wells:

The M's also selected Kent State first baseman Andy Hargrove, the son of Mariners manager Mike Hargrove, in the 47th round; and Princeton left-handed pitcher Rufus Lumry IV, son of M's investor Rufus Lumry, in the 46th round. of Bellevue Christian High School, was 1-2 with an 8.41 ERA in 15 games for Princeton. His father, part of the Mariners' ownership group, is the founder and president of Acorn Ventures, Inc., and was one of the founders of McCaw Cellular, where he served as director and chief financial officer.