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The Draft Continues

Second half of the draft is over as Rounds 19-50 played out. Oakland was finished by the end of the 39th round and St. Louis dropped out after the 47th. Houston dropped out late as well. However, your beloved Mariners went all the way.

19th Round: Brett Bannister - RHP - USC
20th Round: Travis Scott - C - Lincoln Land CC
21st Round: Nicolas Allen - RHP - Villanova
22nd Round: Robert Gary - RF - Virginia Commonwealth University
23rd Round: Ryan Lindgren - RHP - Stillwater Area HS, MN
24th Round: Kevin Gergel - C - Kennesaw St.
25th Round: William Brown - LHP - Thomas Downey HS, CA
26th Round: Ari Kafka - RHP - Quinnipiac
27th Round: Jeremy Hill - RHP - Ohlone College
28th Round: Lance Beus - LHP - BYU
29th Round: Eric Thomas - CF - Buchholz HS, FL
30th Round: Aric Van Gaalen - LHP - Lethbridge CC
31st Round: Jeffrey Gilmore - RHP - Stanford
32nd Round: John Heckman - 2B - Indiana
33rd Round: Julian Henson - C - Highland Regional HS, TN
34th Round: Andrew Schneider - RHP - Franklin HS, TX
35th Round: Blake Amador - CF - Modesto JC
36th Round: Ross Kwan - C - Seattle Prep HS, WA
37th Round: Jesse Costa - RHP - Magnolia HS, CA
38th Round: Joesph Agreste - 1B - Greenbrier Christian Academy, VA
39th Round: Matthew Welker - RHP - Seminole St. College
40th Round: Eugene Edwards - LF - Long Beach CC
41st Round: Joesph White - 1B - George Perimeter College
42nd Round: Kevin Reynolds - CF - Quincy University
43rd Round: Philip Roy - RHP - Miami Southridge HS, FL
44th Round: Paul Patterson - RHP - Northern Kentucky University
45th Round: Luis Coste - RF - Cochise County CC
46th Round: Rufus Lumry - LHP - Princeton
47th Round: Andrew Hargrove - 1B - Kent St. (Yep, Mike Hargrove's son)
48th Round: Matthew Gardner - RHP - Grayson County College
49th Round: Dennis Raben - 1B - St. Thomas Aquinas HS, FL
50th Round: Xavier Scruggs - 1B - Poway HS, CA