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Draft Coverage

~Baseball America is reporting this morning that the M's have set their sights on USC catcher Jeff Clement as the third overall pick. They would still love to have a chance to take Justin Upton or Alex Gordon if they were to fall, but at this time, it looks like Jeff Clement will be a Mariner in a couple hours.

They are also reporting that Justin Upton will in fact go number one, barring some unforeseen last minute change of heart.

~For live draft coverage, check out Draft starts in 10 minutes, so lets cross our fingers that Arizona or Kansas City have a late change of heart.


1. Diamondbacks: SS Justin Upton (Great Bridge High School)
2. Royals: 3B Alex Gordon (University of Nebraska)
3. Mariners: C Jeff Clement (University of Southern California) - I love this pick. Big LH bat, will exploit the right field fence in a couple years.
4. Nationals: 3B Ryan Zimmerman (University of Virgina)
5. Brewers: 3B Ryan Braun (University of Miami)
6. Blue Jays: LHP Ricky Romero (Cal State Fullerton)
7. Rockies: SS Troy Tulowitzki (Cal State Long Beach)
8. Devil Rays: RHP Wade Townsend (Rice University)
9. Mets: RHP Mike Pelfrey (Wichita State)
10. Tigers: OF Cameron Maybin (T C Roberson High School)
11. Pirates: OF Andrew Mead (Fort Meade High School)
12. Reds: OF Jay Bruce (West Brook High School)
13. Orioles: C Brandon Snyder (Westfield High School)
14. Indians: OF Trevor Crowe (University of Arizona)
15. White Sox: RHP Lance Broadway (Texas Christian)
16. Marlins: RHP Chris Volstad (Palm Beach Gardens High School)
17. Yankees: SS C.J. Henry (Putnam City High School)
18. Padres: RHP Cesar Carillo (University of Miami)
19. Rangers: OF/1B John Mayberry Jr. (Stanford University)
20. Cubs: LHP Mark Pawelek (Springville High School)
21. Athletics: SS Cliff Pennington (Texas A&M)
22. Marlins: LHP Aaron Thompson (Second Baptist School)
23. Red Sox: OF Jacoby Ellisbury (oregon State)
24. Astros: RHP Brian Bugosevic (Tulane University)
25. Twins: RHP Matthew Albidrez-Garza (Fresno State)
26. Red Sox: RHP Craig Hansen (St. Johns University)
27. Braves: RHP Joseph Devine (North Carolina State)
28. Cardinals: OF Colby Rasmus (Russell County High School)
29. Marlins: RHP Jacob Marceaux (McNeese State)
30. Cardinals: SS James Greene (Georgia Tech)

Not many surprises here. The M's went with the best power potential bat in the draft, after Alex Gordon did in fact get drafted by the Royals. Clement's game is a good fit for the Mariners, who lack left handed power bats in the system. Clement will need at least a couple of years before he is ready, but this was a great pick by the Mariners.

Maybin fell to the Tigers at #10, which is not a huge surprise as his salary demands were climbing. Ex-Mariner draft pick John Mayberry Jr. went a bit earlier then expected, being selected 19th by the Texas Rangers. The Marlins drafted two of the best high school arms in the nation, (Chris Volstad and Aaron Thompson).

The biggest surprise of the draft has to be the fact that Luke Hochevar, considered one of the top arms in the nation, has gone undrafted through the first round. It might be attributed to the Boras factor, but this is truly surprising and it will be interesting to see how far he will fall.

The M's don't have another draft pick until the fourth round after forfeiting their second and third round picks by signing Adrian Beltre and Richie Sexson. It will be interesting to see who is available at that time and I will highlight a couple names when it gets closer to the M's next pick.
Luke Hochevar finally was drafted with the 4oth pick by the Dodgers, who had to be doing a happy dance. Taylor Teagarden fell to the third round, getting selected 99th overall by the Texas Rangers.

Devin's Note: Just got a great shot of Jeff Clement sent to me from Jon Wells, the editor of Grand Salami Magazine. I'm liking Clement more by the minute.

Update [2005-6-7 16:13:15 by Trent]:
4th Round Pick: Justin Thomas - 7-5, 84.1 IP, 3.42 ERA, 78 HA, 88/33 K/BB ratio
5th Round Pick: Stephen Kahn ? 5-6, 99.2 IP, 5.60 RA, 107 HA, 78/55 K/BB ratio
6th Round Pick: Michael Lynn - RHP - Brownsberg HS, IN
7th Round Pick: Robert Rohrbaugh - LHP - Clemson
8th Round Pick: David Asher - LHP - Florida International University
9th Round Pick: Bryan Sabatella - 1B - Quinnpiac University
10th Round Pick: Ronald Prettyman - 3B - Cal State Fullerton
11th Round Pick: Brian Contreras - CF - Puerto Rico Baseball Academy
12th Round Pick: Anthony Varvaro - RHP - St. John's
13th Round Pick: Reed Eastley - 3B - Niagara
14th Round Pick: Bradley Boyer - 2B - Arizona
15th Round Pick: John Holdzkom - RHP - Rancho Cucamonga HS, CA
16th Round Pick: Grant Gerrard - RF - Southern Illinois
17th Round Pick: James Russell - LHP - Navarro CC, TX
18th Round Pick: Curtis Ledbetter - 1B - Nebraska