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6/5: Open Game Thread

To the guy who arrived at LL by Googling "why does Adrian Beltre suck," God bless you.

First Pitch: 1:05pm PDT



Crawford LF                 Ichiro RF
Lugo SS                     Winn LF
Huff RF                     Beltre 3B
Phelps DH                   Sexson 1B
Hollins CF                  Ibanez DH
Lee 1B                      Boone "2B"
Cantu 2B                    Reed CF
Johnson C                   Morse SS
Gonzalez 3B                 Borders C

----------                  ----------

Nomo (3-5, 6.52)            Moyer (5-2, 5.28)

Moyer's coming off a pair of strong starts in which he's allowed four runs in 14 innings while making his defense do most of the work. Look for more of the same today, with some problem potential given that Tampa Bay's got a pretty quick lineup. Opposing him is Hideo Nomo, who's shooting for his 200th career professional victory, a big deal in Japan since their seasons are shorter than ours. He's had 11 starts this year and walked as many or more batters than he's struck out in seven of them. To make things better (worse?), he's also got a home run problem, as his mid-80s fastball just doesn't quite get the job done anymore. You'd like to think that this is the day when Beltre takes off, but it's almost certainly not, so shut up.