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6/3: Open Game Thread

Looking to extend our winning streak against Tampa Bay, and in general, to three games.

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT



Crawford LF                 Ichiro RF
Lugo SS                     Winn LF
Huff RF                     Beltre 3B
Phelps DH                   Sexson 1B
Lee 1B                      Ibanez DH
Cantu 3B                    Boone 2B
Green 2B                    Reed CF
Hall C                      Morse SS
Sanchez CF                  Borders C

----------                  ----------

Fossum (2-3, 3.82)          Sele (4-4, 4.24)

Reads Sele's ESPN scouting report:

Sele is a professional pitcher and the one thing he offers is the knowledge of how to win games.

You win games by scoring more runs than you allow. Aaron Sele, by often allowing several runs, renders his knowledge practically useless, as it's almost always up to the offense to support him. However, this hasn't been the case in Sele's last two starts, in which he's allowed just one run and one walk in 15.2 innings. He'll look to continue that success against the same lineup he shut down a few days ago. Casey Fossum, meanwhile, is a lefty, so he'll pitch well.