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6/26: Open Game Thread

Taking the season series against good teams can be an indicator of being a pretty good team yourself. Or it can be an indicator of luck. So, yeah.

First Pitch: 1:05pm PDT



Winn LF                     Jackson 2B
Reed CF                     Sweeney 1B
Beltre 3B                   Giles RF
Sexson 1B                   Klesk LF
Ibanez RF                   Fick C
Boone 2B                    Burroughs 3B
Morse SS                    Nady 1B
Rivera C                    Greene SS
Pineiro P                   Williams P

----------                  ----------

Pineiro (2-4, 5.57)         Williams (3-5, 4.13)

Joel's looked pretty good in each of his last four outings, reason enough to believe that his rocky start may have been just that, rather than a sign of a serious problem (or several serious problems). Now he'll be taking on a San Diego lineup that's still without four of its regulars. They do have Woody Williams back and healthy, though, and he's the kind of guy who's likely to give the Mariners fits in a big ballpark. He's gotten a huge performance boost from playing in Petco, similar to the one Joel's gotten from Safeco, so we might see us a low-scoring game today. Unless the ball is traveling well in the afternoon hours again, in which case all bets are off.