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6/22: Open Game Thread

Need two wins to salvage the series. A loss tonight drops the M's to the cellar.

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT



Kendall C                   Ichiro RF
Kotsay CF                   Winn LF
Crosby SS                   Beltre 3B
Chavez 3B                   Sexson 1B
Kielty RF                   Ibanez DH
Ginter DH                   Boone 2B
Byrnes LF                   Reed CF
Johnson 1B                  Morse SS
Scutaro 2B                  Rivera C

----------                  ----------

Zito (3-8, 4.66)            Moyer (6-2, 4.42)

If you Google any noteworthy Major League baseball player, the first result will be his ESPN player card. If you Google Jamie Moyer, you get his Baseball-Reference page. No, he's not retired yet. The return of Pat Borders has coincided with a surge by Jamie, as he's allowed just nine runs in his last 33.2 innings. Zito, on the other hand, has made a pair of ineffective starts after it looked like he might be getting it going in early June. Of note: Mark Kotsay is 10-14 against Moyer, and Eric Chavez has six homers in 45 at bats. I wonder what Hargrove thinks about reverse platoon splits.