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Jeff Clement, part deux

A few days ago Jeff had a brief write-up about Jeff Clement and our trip to beautiful and quaint Corvallis, OR. I've been having some trouble getting the media off my flash card and onto my machine but I've figured it out and now it's ready.

Click "Read More" for some great photos and videos of our trip and, more importantly, the Mariners first-round selection Jeff Clement.


Clement taking some cuts during batting practice.

More of Clement during BP.

Clement's throwing mechanics.

A nice quick cut of Clement gunning down an Oregon State runner.

Clement getting nailed by a pitch. There is no clang, so I doubt it hit the bat despite what the nearby OSU fans thought.

Clement popping the ball up behind the plate.


Goss Stadium at Coleman Field

Seriously, Goss Stadium at Coleman Field was an excellent venue for baseball. Both of us were exceedingly impressed.

Super Regionals, baby!

See what we mean? Gorgeous.

And again!

Clement behind the plate.

Clement in the crouch.

Clement pondering how big his signing bonus is going to be.

"You're about to be my bitch, Dallas Buck."


Getting his footing correct and re-adjusting his batting gloves were a constant during Clement's at-bats.

Jeff crunching a few numbers during the game.

Devin squinting and snapping a few shots for Grand Salami Magazine.