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Felix Hurt.

Shoulder bursitis. Will miss his next start.

Optimist's response: "God dammit."
Realist's response: "God dammit!"
Pessimist's response: "GOD F#*&%^ING DAMMIT!!"

The problem is twofold - not only is Felix a prized young pitcher, but he's a prized young Seattle pitcher, which makes everything seem exponentially worse. Player injuries in this organization usually follow a steady pattern:

-Minor tweak, day-to-day
-Trouble getting loose, next game pushed back
-Continued soreness, brief DL visit
-Soreness persists, DL stint extended
-Return from DL, minor league rehab assignment
-Soreness returns, rehab cut short, imaging scheduled
-MRI turns up different, more serious injury than that which was initially diagnosed
-Surgery suggested, lost year of development

Now, this injury could be nothing. Felix could be back in no time, pitching as well as ever. However, shoulder pain is difficult to diagnose - for example, the Yankees thought Gary Sheffield had bursitis for much of last year until an MRI scan turned up a muscle tear nearby. Even if it does turn out to be simple bursitis, Greg Miller needed surgery to fix the same problem in March of '04, and he's just now getting back to competitive pitching. The point is, don't take this lightly (as if you were going to, anyway). Pray to God, Allah, or Chris Meloni (whoever your sole focus of daily worship may be) that Felix gets better quickly, because what happens next will go a long way towards telling us just how bad this really is.

Oh, and Jorge Campillo's going to the DL, too. Elbow. Good times.