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6/16: Open Game Thread

A possible sweep? Against a good team? Did anyone see this coming?

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT



Rollins SS Ichiro RF Lofton CF Winn LF Abreu DH Ibanez DH Thome 1B Sexson 1B Michaels RF Reed CF Utley 2B Boone 2B Bell 3B Hansen 3B Lieberthal C Morse SS Chavez LF Rivera C ----------                  ----------

Myers (5-3, 2.24)           Pineiro (2-3, 6.20)

Pineiro's coming off arguably his two best starts of the season. He'll need to be sharp, because Brett Myers has allowed more than three runs just twice in 13 starts this season, and never more than four. He's missed bats, avoided walks, killed both lefties and righties, and has a lower ERA on the road than at home. Bottom line, the Mariners won't have an easy time picking up this sweep.