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6/15: Open Game Thread

If Charlie Manuel called for a close inspection of Aaron Sele's glove, and there was a bunch of crap in it, would anyone be surprised?

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT



Rollins SS Ichiro RF Lofton CF Winn LF Abreu RF Ibanez DH Burrell LF Sexson 1B Thome DH Reed CF Utley 2B Boone 2B Bell 3B Hansen 3B Lieberthal C Morse SS Martinez 1B Borders C ----------                  ----------

Padilla (3-5, 6.43)         Sele (5-5, 3.99)

Aaron Sele's been terrific in four of his last five starts, allowing seven runs in 34.1 innings over that stretch, and now he'll face another tough test. Fortunately, he should get a little run support, as Padilla has an even bigger home run problem than Jon Lieber. He's recorded just one quality start in nine games, also the only time this season that he's reached six innings. Bottom line, the Mariners need to put up some crooked numbers. Look for Raul Ibanez to have himself a pleasant evening.