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-Adrian Beltre should be out about 5-7 days with a left hamstring strain, with a DL visit seeming unlikely. Yesterday's Dave Hansen home run, incidentally, was the first we got from third base since May 21.

-Rafael Soriano is set to pitch a simulated game and a few bullpen sessions this week, in hopes of beginning a minor league rehab assignment before too long.

-Bobby Madritsch is free to perform below-shoulder exercises with his left arm.

-Wiki Gonzalez should return to action (in the minors, rehabbing) very soon, beating Pokey Reese to the punch - his shoulder's still sore.

-Scott Spiezio hurt his "back" in Tacoma, and hasn't played since last Thursday. I say "back" because initial reports said that he tweaked his groin. The longer it takes him to heal up, the better.

-Justin Leone finally came off the DL (bruised hand) yesterday, showing no ill effects in the field but making five outs in three trips to the plate.