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6/11: Open Game Thread

Need a win to keep the series streak alive.

First Pitch: 4:05pm PDT



Ichiro RF Wilkerson CF Winn CF Byrd LF Beltre 3B Guillen RF Sexson 1B Johnson 1B Ibanez LF Castilla 3B Boone 2B Spivey 2B Morse SS Bennett C Borders C Guzman SS Moyer P Patterson P ----------                  ----------

Moyer (5-2, 5.21)           Patterson (2-1, 2.70)

The Mariners go up against another relative unknown on the hill for the Nationals. Moyer has allowed three or fewer runs in each of his last three starts, so he'll need to have more of that kind of success today to keep the M's in the game. Devin and I will be down in Corvallis this weekend, watching Jeff Clement for the Saturday/Sunday games against Oregon State, and we'll be back with some information afterwards.