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6/1: Open Game Thread

The Mariners should have a little momentum going into tonight's game. However, as that comeback against the Yankees showed us, momentum doesn't exist, so, rats.

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT



Hudson 2B                   Ichiro RF
Catalanotto LF              Winn LF
Hill DH                     Beltre 3B
Hillenbrand 3B              Sexson 1B
Hinske 1B                   Ibanez DH
Wells CF                    Boone 2B
Zaun C                      Reed CF
Rios RF                     Morse SS
Adams SS                    Borders C

----------                  ----------

Chacin (5-3, 3.34)          Meche (4-3, 5.09)

Reed's still hitting seventh. Seriously. But anyway, Morse! The revolution has begun! Or, it would have, if Morse meant much of anything to our long-term future. His current translated line of .226/.285/.344 (park-neutral) is awful, but still a decent improvement over what we saw in the first two months, as long as you ignore his defense. If he shows something while he's up, he could help his standing as next year's potential starting shortstop, but it's unlikely that he sticks at the position much longer.

Chacin is a lefty, so expect a no-hitter and be thrilled if it doesn't happen.