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5/9: Open Game Thread

I'm going to go ahead and give this one an early start, in hopes that some of the magic from last night's thrilling victory can carry over.

First Pitch: 7:05pm EDT



Ichiro RF                   Jeter SS
Winn LF                     Womack LF
Beltre 3B                   Sheffield RF
Sexson 1B                   Matsui CF
Boone 2B                    Rodriguz 3B
Ibanez DH                   Martinez 1B
Gonzalez C                 Posada C
Bloomquist CF               Giambi DH
Valdez SS                   Cano 2B

----------                  ----------

Meche (2-2, 5.35)           Johnson (2-2, 3.74)

If the Mariners are serious about turning things around, there's no better way to demonstrate their commitment to success than by beating Randy Johnson in New York. He's still getting his strikeouts, limiting his walks, and throwing hard, but he's had his fits with the longball so far this year. Of the nine Mariners who have faced him in the past, only Adrian Beltre has taken him deep - twice, in 52 at bats. As for Meche, he's going to need to reach back to 2003 and pull out another one of those spectacular Yankee Stadium starts to keep us in the game. If ever there were a time to avoid a big first inning, this is it.