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5/3: Open Game Thread

Vegas should take bets on whether Good Meche or Bad Meche will show up for any given start. He was solid in his last outing against a better lineup, so that's worth something, I guess.

First Pitch: 10:05pm EDT



Erstad 1B                   Ichiro RF
Figgins DH                  Reed CF
Guerrero RF                 Beltre 3B
Anderson LF                 Sexson 1B
Finley CF                   Boone 2B
Cabrera SS                  Ibanez DH
McPherson 3B                Winn LF
Molina C                    Olivo C
Kennedy 2B                  Valdez SS

----------                  ----------

Lackey (2-1, 5.61)          Meche (2-1, 5.27)

I usually like to give a little analysis of the pitching matchup in this part of the post, but I've been pretty consistently wrong of late on account of the Mariners' unpredictable nature. So I'll just drop a not-so-subtle hint by pointing out that Adrian Beltre is 3-6 in his career against Lackey with a homer and two walks, and leave it at that. I'm setting the over/under for tonight's offense at 3.5 runs. Which do you take?