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Bobby Madritsch

The P-I gives us an update on his condition. The short of it is that there has been some healing in his shoulder over the last three weeks, but it's not complete, so they're going to keep his arm in a sling a little while longer before checking his progress again in the middle of the month.

The article also gives us two things you never want to hear when it comes to a pitcher's health. One:

Three weeks ago, when doctors performed an MRI on Bobby Madritsch's left shoulder, the injected dye immediately rushed through the surrounding capsule.

The reason? Nothing was there to hold it in. "It exploded," Madritsch recalled.

And two:

Still, there's uncertainty surrounding the injury, due in large part to its obscure nature. Of the four doctors with whom Madritsch has consulted, two had never seen the injury in a baseball player.

Bobby's looking to return around the All Star Break. You have to love his attitude and determination, but with such a rare injury for a pitcher, it's difficult to establish a timetable. I'm hoping for early August and expecting him to miss the year.