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5/27: Open Game Thread

New York's huge winning streak came against the A's and the Mariners. The Red Sox picked up a handful of victories when they were going through a little rut. Baltimore just swept us. And now we get to visit Tampa Bay, who's fresh off a three-game sweep of Oakland? It's like the AL East has compromising pictures of Mike Hargrove and Ken Macha, and all we can do to prevent their release is to keep losing.

First Pitch: 4:15pm PDT



Ichiro RF Crawford LF Winn LF Lugo SS Beltre 3B Huff RF Sexson 1B Lee 1B Ibanez DH Phelps DH Boone 2B Cantu 3B Reed CF Sanchez CF Bloomquist SS Hall C Olivo C Green 2B ----------                  ----------

Meche (4-2, 5.00)            Hendrickson (1-2, 4.47)

Gil Meche has looked various shades of "pretty good" in his last six starts. In theory, he should be able to last six or seven effective innings this afternoon against an unimpressive offense. Mark Hendrickson is a breathing, conscious pitcher, so he'll probably shut us down. It should be real fun to watch.