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5/26: Open Game Thread

Looking to salvage the series before heading to Tampa Bay.

First Pitch: 4:05pm PDT



Ichiro RF                   Roberts 2B Winn LF                     Newhan LF Beltre 3B                   Mora 3B Sexson 1B                   Tejada SS Ibanez DH                   Sosa RF Boone 2B                    Palmeiro 1B Reed CF                     Gibbons DH Olivo C                     Fasano C Valdez SS                   Bigbie CF ----------                  ----------

Franklin (2-5, 4.53)        Cabrera (3-3, 5.91)

This game pits one of the league's better groundball pitchers against his polar opposite. After walking more than he struck out a year ago, Cabrera has come back to post a K/BB near 2 in the early going, but his ERA is up by a run - a lot of which has to do with a high BABIP. He's a power righty without much of a platoon split either way, and no single Mariner has faced him more than seven times (Ichiro). As for Franklin, he's had some trouble with these guys, as current Orioles have collected 118 AB's against him and put up a .305/.349/.559 line. Camden isn't as good at keeping fly balls in the yard as Safeco, so he'll need to limit the damage by avoiding the walks which have plagued him so far. It'd be great to see his K/BB end up north of 1, wouldn't it?