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5/24: Open Game Thread

Work constraints will force me to post some of these things pretty friggin' early.

First Pitch: 4:05pm PDT



Ichiro RF Roberts 2B Winn LF Fiorentino CF Beltre 3B Mora 3B Sexson 1B Tejada SS Boone 2B Sosa DH Ibanez DH Palmeiro 1B Olivo C Lopez C Reed CF Surhoff LF Valdez SS Gibbons RF ----------                  ----------

Pineiro (2-3, 6.52)         Chen (5-2, 3.63)

For Pineiro, we'll get to see if his time off did anything. He's been spotty with his command while constricting his repertoire and undershooting his normal velocity all season, and this isn't exactly the kind of lineup against which you want to toss a struggling pitcher. It'll be up to the Mariners to provide some run support for Joel, and they'll try to do it against a guy who's pitched on eight different Major League teams since 2000. Nobody on the roster has much experience facing him, but as a southpaw who won't overwhelm you with velocity or strikeout ability, there's the potential for an entertaining game here.