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5/22: Open Game Thread

And after this? The red-hot Orioles! All right!

First Pitch: 1:05pm PDT



Roberts CF                  Ichiro RF
Sweeney DH                  Winn LF
Klesko LF                   Beltre 3B
Giles RF                    Sexson 1B
Nevin 1B                    Ibanez DH
Blum 2B                     Boone 2B
Burroughs 3B                Reed CF
Ojeda C                     Borders C
Jackson SS                  Valdez SS

----------                  ----------

Stauffer (1-0, 3.46)        Sele (2-4, 5.62)

This will be the third Major League appearance for Stauffer, the fourth overall pick in the 2003 draft. He's ahead of schedule, having missed some of 2003 with a shoulder injury and playing through three levels a year ago, but if his first two starts are any indication, he's ready. The Mariners will need to take advantage of any "rookie moments" he has on the mound, along with his occasional homer-proneness and come-and-go command. That it's a day game should only help our power hitters, as the ball seems to carry better in the sun.