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5/21: Open Game Thread

Probably our best chance to take a game in the series, as Aaron Sele takes the hill tomorrow.

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT



Roberts CF Ichiro RF Sweeney DH Winn LF Klesko LF Beltre 3B Giles RF Sexson 1B Nevin 1B Ibanez DH Hernandez C Boone 2B Burroughs 3B Reed CF Greene SS Olivo C Blum 2B Valdez SS ----------                  ----------

Lawrence (2-4, 5.24)        Meche (3-2, 5.25)

Meche is just looking to continue his string of good-but-not-great starts against streaky teams - this one without New York or Boston's home run power. As for Lawrence, he's a groundball pitcher, which plays into Ichiro's hands. He allows a lot of balls in play and has had an unusual little longball problem for a guy of his ilk, which you'd think would be good news for our lineup core, but he's owned Adrian Beltre for the duration of his career, so tonight might come down to how far Sexson and Ibanez can hit the ball.