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A Quick Look at the Defense

...using the flawed but relatively informative RAA2 metric, essentially a measure of how many runs above or below average a fielder has been at his position:

Miguel Olivo: -4 (C)
Dan Wilson: 0 (C)
Richie Sexson: -3 (1B)
Bret Boone: -6 (2B)
Wilson Valdez: -1 (SS)
Adrian Beltre: +2 (3B)
Willie Bloomquist: -1 (SS)
Randy Winn: 0 (LF)
Jeremy Reed: +2 (CF)
Ichiro: +6 (RF)

Team: .7082 Defensive Efficiency (#5 in AL, #7 in Majors)

Imagine what the pitching numbers would look like if the staff weren't flyball-oriented.