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5/20: Open Game Thread

White Sox/Cubs, Braves/Red Sox, A's/Giants...Padres/Mariners. It's rivalry weekend, and there's nothing you can do about it.

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT



Roberts CF                  Ichiro RF
Sweeney DH                  Winn LF
Klesko LF                   Beltre 3B
Giles RF                    Sexson 1B
Nevin 1B                    Ibanez DH
Hernandez C                 Boone 2B
Burroughs 3B                Reed CF
Greene SS                   Olivo C
Blum 2B                     Valdez SS

----------                  ----------

Peavy (3-0, 2.57)           Franklin (2-4, 4.20)

On any given day, you can expect the Mariners to be at a distinct disadvantage in terms of the pitching matchup. Tonight is no exception - although Franklin's the best we've got right now, Peavy won the NL ERA title a year ago, and has continued his success into 2005. If he has a weakness, it's keeping lefties in check, so our chances are probably going to rest on the shoulders of our four outfielders (Ibanez included). It'll be important to score some runs early, because I don't like our chances in a battle of the bullpens.