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5/2: Open Game Thread

Welcome home, Mariners. We know it was a tough road trip, and we appreciate the effort you gave, even though you wound up on the wrong side of those last two games. Oh, hey, don't get too comfortable, because after this series you've got twelve games in a row against the Yankees and last year's world champions.

First Pitch: 10:05pm EDT



Erstad 1B                   Ichiro RF
Cabrera SS                  Winn LF
Guerrero RF                 Beltre 3B
Anderson LF                 Sexson 1B
Finley CF                   Boone 2B
Rivera DH                   Ibanez DH
McPherson 3B                Olivo C
Molina C                    Reed CF
Kennedy 2B                  Valdez SS

----------                  ----------

Washburn (1-0, 3.38)        Franklin (1-3, 4.09)

Franklin's at home - check. It's a night game - check. He's facing an aggressive lineup that doesn't have much power - check. All the main ingredients are there for Ryan to have himself a strong start, provided he throws some good pitches and gets a little luck against Guerrero. After an awful start against Texas last week, he'll need a good game today to keep the skeptics quiet. Trust me, I know one. As for Washburn, he's a lefty who doesn't miss many bats, so - stop me if you've heard this one before - he could be just what this lineup needs to erupt in a furious demonstration of run-scoring ability. It'll be interesting to see if Mike Hargrove sits Wilson Valdez for a second straight game, given that Bloomquist and Washburn have, shall we say, a bit of history.