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5/1: Minor League Wrap-Up

Tacoma fell to Salt Lake, 3-2. Andrew Lorraine pitched about as well as a guy like Andrew Lorraine can pitch, but the Rainiers couldn't manage much support despite collecting 13 baserunners. Soon-to-be Mariner Dave Hansen had a two-hit day, along with Bryce Terveen and Aaron Rifkin. Notables:

Lorraine: 6 IP, 8 H, 3 ER, 1 BB, 2 K
Snelling: 1-4
Leone: 1-3, 1 BB
Hansen: 2-4
Morse: 1-3, 1 BB
Nunez: 1-4, 1 2B
Rifkin: 2-4

San Antonio had a doubleheader yesterday. They lost the first one to Arkansas, 6-2. The Missions had just three hits off Joe Saunders, and Juan Done allowed three runs in the sixth to put the game out of reach. The second game wasn't much better, as San Antonio was shut out 3-0. Tom Oldham pitched a pretty good five innings, but the Missions went without an extra-base hit, and were unable to bring around even one of 11 baserunners. Notables:

Sandoval: 4 IP, 8 H, 3 ER, 1 BB, 1 K
Oldham: 5 IP, 7 H, 2 ER, 5 K
Betancourt: 1-6, 1 BB
Rivera: 0-3
Guzman: 2-3
Espy: 3-6, 1 2B
Bohn: 1-6
Harris: 1-6

Inland Empire lost to Rancho Cucamonga, 5-2. A rough fifth inning for Shawn Nottingham put the 66ers behind for good, as they were just another affiliate who struggled to convert baserunners into runs (15, 2). Matt Rogelstad had three hits and reached base four times, and is still fighting for that ever-elusive .400/.400/.400 batting line. Two other 66ers also had multi-hit days. Notables:

Nottingham: 5 IP, 9 H, 4 ER, 1 BB, 8 K, 1 HR
Gonzalez: 0-5
Balentien: 0-4, 1 BB
Jones: 1-3, 1 BB
Lahair: 2-4
Rogelstad: 3-4, 1 BB
Monzon: 2-4, 1 HR, 1 BB

Wisconsin completed the organizational sweep, losing to South Bend 6-5. Jason Snyder lasted seven ugly innings, and all 11 runs of the game were scored before the fourth. Adrubal Cabrera is back, healthy, and raking, collecting three hits to lead the T'Rats. Oswaldo Navarro had two. Notables:

Snyder: 7 IP, 12 H, 6 ER, 1 BB, 3 K, 1 HR
Cabrera: 3-5, 1 2B
Navarro: 2-4
Womack: 1-3, 2 BB
Tuiasosopo: 0-4, 1 BB
Wilson: 1-4, 1 HR

Jorge Campillo goes for Tacoma tonight at 9:05pm EDT, Ryan Rowland-Smith for San Antonio, Jason Mackintosh for Inland Empire, and Casey Abrams for Wisconsin.