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5/15: Open Game Thread

A chance to win a series! Against Boston! And Sele isn't pitching!

First Pitch: 1:05pm PDT



Damon CF                    Ichiro RF
Renteria SS                 Winn LF
Ortiz DH                    Beltre 3B
Ramirez LF                  Sexson 1B
Nixon RF                    Ibanez DH
Millar 1B                   Boone 2B
Mueller 3B                  Reed CF
Mirabelli C                 Olivo C
Bellhorn 2B                 Bloomquist SS

----------                  ----------

Wakefield (4-1, 3.18)       Meche (2-2, 5.14)

Gil Meche has quietly put together a decent little streak, allowing nine runs in 25.1 innings (3.20 ERA) since the big five-run first against Cleveland four starts ago. He's put up a 2:1 K/BB over the same time span, but has had his problems with the longball. He'll need to be particularly careful today, because the Red Sox lead the league in runs scored, and don't really have a weak spot in the entire lineup. As for Wakefield, he's been the same pitcher for years. Nothing's changed, and it's hard to know what you'll get from him, since the knuckleball is so unpredictable. Current Mariners are a combined 37-160 (.231) against him in their careers, with Raul Ibanez going 5-15 and Dave Hansen 5-7. Richie Sexson's only career hit against the guy is a homer, so hey, something to watch for, I guess.