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5/14: Open Game Thread

Can we make it two in a row? Will Franklin take part in our little streak of starting pitchers not making it into the fifth inning? Answers at 7 (:05. PDT).

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT



Damon CF                    Ichiro RF
Renteria SS                 Winn LF
Ortiz DH                    Beltre 3B
Ramirez LF                  Sexson 1B
Nixon RF                    Ibanez DH
Millar 1B                   Boone 2B
Varitek C                   Reed CF
Mueller 3B                  Gonzalez C
Bellhorn 2B                 Valdez SS

----------                  ----------

Miller (0-0, 3.60)          Franklin (2-4, 4.50)

The last time these two matched up - again, just a few days ago - Miller pitched well and Franklin pitched better, but it was Cla Meredith's awful ML debut that determined the outcome of the game. With Meredith presumably unavailable today after sucking last night, the Mariners will need to take it to either Miller or some conglomeration of competent relievers to win this time around. Once more, you need to be wary about Franklin facing the middle of Boston's order - Manny and Ortiz have combined to go 8-19 with four home runs against him in the past. As for Miller, the Mariner with the most experience against him is Richie Sexson, who's 7-40 with a homer for his career.

For no good reason, I'm picking Raul Ibanez to go deep today.