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If You Were the GM...

After a respectable 12-12 start in April, the Mariners are 1-9 in May. The starting rotation is struggling and the offense is flat and underperforming. Team morale appears to be extremely low and something needs to be done to keep the ship afloat and out of the cellar of the division and the AL.

You are obviously faced with a dilemma. Will you stick with the status quo and let the team ride out the slump? Or do you make a small move or two to give the team a fresh arm or a slightly stronger bench bat? Or will you make wide spread changes, bringing up several players and/or scouring the waiver wire or free agent list for players that you believe will help?

This is an open-ended thread for our readers to make their suggestions, share their comments and debate on certain issues. When making roster suggestions, remember that you have to follow the basic guidelines of roster management (if a player is being added to the 40 man roster, a player needs to be removed, etc.)