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5/1: Open Game Thread

Shooting for the third series win of the year.

First Pitch: 4:05pm EDT



Ichiro RF                   Kotsay CF
Winn LF                     Kendall C
Beltre 3B                   Chavez 3B
Sexson 1B                   Hatteberg 1B
Boone 2B                    Durazo DH
Ibanez DH                   Ellis 2B
Bloomquist SS               Kielty LF
Reed CF                     Swisher RF
Olivo C                     Scutaro SS

----------                  ----------

Pineiro (2-1, 5.85)         Zito (0-4, 6.60)

The Mariners won 7-6 the last time these two pitchers faced off, with Bret Boone hitting a grand slam in the first and Greg Dobbs driving in three runs with a seventh-inning double. Zito's still a mess - he can't locate his curve very often, and doesn't have the stuff to get by without it. As for Joel, keep an eye on his velocity, as he was working in the 87-89 range last week against Texas. If he's doing that again, he'll have some trouble reaching the sixth.