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4/30: Open Game Thread

A win gives the Mariners a winning road trip against two division rivals. It's only April, but every win counts the same at the end.

First Pitch: 4:05pm EDT



Ichiro RF                   Kotsay CF
Reed CF                     Byrnes LF
Beltre 3B                   Kendall C
Sexson 1B                   Chavez 3B
Boone 2B                    Kielty RF
Ibanez DH                   Ginter 2B
Winn LF                     Durazo DH
Wilson C                    Swisher 1B
Valdez SS                   Scutaro SS

----------                  ----------

Moyer (4-0, 2.53)           Blanton (0-2, 1.75)

For Moyer, the key will be finding that outside corner and making sure that nobody's on base when Eric Chavez comes to the plate - he's hitting .333 for his career against Jamie, with six homers. A lefty-heavy Oakland lineup actually works against Moyer, but they're still in a slump, so look for another effective seven innings. The Mariners have never faced Blanton before, but he's nothing really out of the ordinary; he'll come with a 91-93mph fastball, some breaking balls, and a developing changeup. He's had trouble getting strikeouts so far this year, and his right-handedness plays right into Beltre and Sexson's career reverse platoon splits.