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4/29: Open Game Thread

A chance to...I dunno, get back into second place before April's over? Yeah, that'll do.

First Pitch: 10:05pm EDT



Ichiro RF                   Kotsay CF
Reed CF                     Kendall C
Beltre 3B                   Chavez 3B
Sexson 1B                   Hatteberg 1B
Boone 2B                    Durazo DH
Ibanez DH                   Ellis 2B
Winn LF                     Swisher RF
Olivo C                     Scutaro SS
Valdez SS                   Thomas LF

----------                  ----------

Sele (1-2, 5.56)            Haren (1-2, 4.56)

For Sele, this is a good situation - he's in a big park, pitching against a team who's hit .236/.305/.352 vs. righties so far this year. All the pitching staff needs to do is keep Eric Chavez and Erubiel Durazo immersed in their respective slumps over the weekend, and they shouldn't find themselves having too pitch from behind very often. For the Mariner hitters, it's adjustment time, as Danny Haren is new to everyone but Adrian Beltre. His repertoire isn't as tricky as his delivery, but he's got a reverse platoon split that should make things a little easier on the core of the lineup. Even more, his command comes and goes. As long as the guys swing at strikes, they could put up some crooked numbers tonight.