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More on Adjustment Periods

To continue with yesterday's theme...

Most recent performance before switching leagues:


First two months in new league:


Rest of the season in new league:


The numbers pretty much speak for themselves - at least as far as our 78-player sample is concerned, the group picked up where it left off in terms of hitting for average and getting on base after switching leagues, but it took a little while for the full power to show up. The group saw an 11% increase in isolated power after its firs two months, which - while not very large - is still something.

It's worth mentioning that the group put up worse numbers in its second month in the league league than in the first month, perhaps suggesting that pitchers are able to adjust to new hitters faster than hitters are able to adjust to new pitchers. The difference isn't very large, though, so that's a dangerous conclusion to reach.

How does this relate to Adrian Beltre and Richie Sexson? After all, they're both off to slow starts, Beltre in particular. While we can't explain away all the struggles that each hitter has had so far, what we can do is point out that the data suggests that an adjustment period does exist, however small it may be. They still need to start getting on base - last night was a good start towards that end - but it certainly helps to know that all this talk about learning new pitchers isn't just hot air.

If we're still looking at two underachieving sluggers in July, then it's time to worry. Until then, though, be patient.