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4/22: Open Game Thread

The first 25,000 fans get a complementary George Lopez bobblehead, so we're guaranteed not to set an attendance low for the third night in a row.

First Pitch: 10:05pm EDT


Crisp LF                    Ichiro RF
Cora SS                     Winn LF
Martinez C                  Beltre 3B
Hafner DH                   Sexson 1B
Blake RF                    Boone 2B
Broussard 1B                Ibanez DH
Belliard 2B                 Bloomquist CF
Hernandez 3B                Olivo C
Sizemore CF                 Valdez SS
----------                  ----------

Sabathia (0-0, 1.59)        Meche (1-0, 6.14)

Gil Meche will try to keeping doing what he was doing right against the White Sox last Sunday. It'll be a tougher task tonight, but only slightly so; the Indians are second-to-last in the AL in OBP. As for Sabathia, this is his second start since coming off the DL for an oblique injury. He's had all kinds of trouble against Ichiro in his career (.440), but he's held Miguel Olivo hitless, so I suppose there's a good chance that tonight looks a lot like every other game we've played this season. Sabathia doesn't get the strikeouts that he used to, and he's a bit of a flyball southpaw, so the heart of our order stands a chance of making a lot of noise tonight.