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4/18: Open Game Thread

Opponents between today and May 22:

Angels (five games)
Athletics (five games)
Indians (three games)
Rangers (three games)
Red Sox (six games)
Yankees (six games)
Padres (three games)

A 31-game stretch against seven teams who averaged 91 wins last year. If the Mariners emerge from this gauntlet somewhere around .500 or better, it's time to get really excited.

First pitch: 10:05pm EDT



Ichiro RF                   Erstad 1B
Reed CF                     DaVanon DH
Beltre 3B                   Guerrero RF
Sexson DH                   Anderson LF
Boone 2B                    Finley CF
Ibanez 1B                   Cabrera SS
Winn LF                     McPherson 3B
Olivo C                     Paul C
Valdez SS                   Figgins 2B

----------                  ----------

Sele (1-0, 3.75)            Byrd (0-2, 6.92)

Sele returns to the stadium that Anaheim wishes he never called home, facing off against an incrementally more talented version of himself. The Angels field an aggressive lineup that prefers putting the ball in play to getting deep in counts; if Sele is sharp and hitting his spots, he could throw an effective out-filled 6+ innings, but if he's wild, they could tee off on him. As for Byrd, he's a control artist with a bit of a home run problem. A healthy, upright Sexson could make a world of difference. Halofan is going to be at the game - let's hope he has an awful time.