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4/16: Open Game Thread

Because we can't get enough of the early start times.


First pitch: 2:05pm EDT



Ichiro RF                   Perez LF
Winn LF                     Iguchi 2B
Beltre 3B                   Everett DH
Boone 2B                    Konerko 1B
Ibanez DH                   Dye RF
Spiezio 1B                  Rowand CF
Bloomquist CF               Uribe SS
Wilson C                    Widger C
Valdez SS                   Crede 3B

----------                  ----------

Franklin (1-0, 2.13)        Buehrle (1-1, 3.00)

Mariners team OPS Innings 1-6: .665
Mariners team OPS Innings 7+: .813

That's a trend that needs to stop. Ryan Franklin got plenty of run support against Kansas City in the last series, but even that didn't come until the eighth inning. The hitters will need to put some runs on the board early, because Buehrle's a guy who gets better as the game goes on, and you don't want to let him get deep into the later innings. The million dollar question: will Franklin be able to keep the ball in the park? Only one White Sox hitter has a 30+ homer season in the past four years (Konerko, 41, 2004), so you have to like his chances.