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4/15: Open Game Thread

A good start time for those of you working 9-5 jobs, as you should be home in time to catch most of the Mariners game on TV as they take on a competent Major League Baseball team for the first time since Sunday.

First pitch: 8:05pm EDT SEATTLE MARINERS         CHICAGO WHITE SOX                Ichiro RF                Perez LF Reed CF                  Iguchi 2B Beltre 3B                Everett DH Ibanez DH                Konerko 1B Boone 2B                 Dye RF Winn LF                  Rowand CF Spiezio 1B               Pierzynski C Olivo C                  Crede 3B Valdez SS                Uribe SS ----------               ---------- Pineiro (0-0, ---)       Garland (1-0, 4.50)

This will be Joel Pineiro's first start for the Mariners since last July, when he was put on the DL with an elbow injury. He'll be facing a lineup that ranks last in the Majors in both OBP and walks, a lineup that could be without Scott Podsednik and Carl Everett for the whole weekend. Six strong innings shouldn't be too much to ask. Hopefully he'll get a little breathing room, as the lineup should be able to score a handful of runs off Jon Garland. Ozzie Guillen may not realize it, but Comiskey's a home run ballpark, and that works more in our favor than it does theirs.