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4/14: Open Game Thread

The last really early start until...well, Saturday, when they'll take the field at 2pm again. If you're planning on watching via, get ready for another radio/closed circuit broadcast. If nothing else, I appreciate the lengths MLB will go to in order to get their games on the air.

Seattle Mariners @ Kansas City Royals

Starting lineups:

Start time: 2:10pm EDT SEATTLE MARINERS KANSAS CITY ROYALS Ichiro RF DeJesus CF Reed CF Graffanino 2B Beltre 3B Sweeney 1B Sexson 1B Brown RF Boone 2B Marrero LF Ibanez DH Pickering DH Winn LF Berroa SS Wilson C Buck C Valdez SS McEwing 3B ---------- ---------- Moyer (1-0, 2.45) Bautista (1-0, 1.13)

2:10pm EDT first pitch. Denny Bautista plowed through the Angels in his first start, needing just 102 pitches to get through eight innings. The Mariners should take a patient approach early on to get him fatigued and hopefully out of the game a little earlier, so that they can feast on the bullpen for a third time in three days. As for Moyer, pray for yesterday's wind to come back.