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4/13: Open Game Thread

The first of back-to-back early starts for the Mariners in Kansas City. If not for Johan Santana, day games might be the AL Central's only contribution to the rest of the league.

Seattle Mariners @ Kansas City Royals

Starting lineups:


Ichiro RF
Reed CF
Beltre 3B
Sexson 1B
Boone 2B
Ibanez DH
Winn LF
Olivo C
Valdez SS

Sele SP

Kansas City:

DeJesus CF
Gotay 2B
Sweeney 1B
Stairs RF
Pickering DH
Berroa SS
Long LF
Graffanino 3B
Buck C

Greinke SP

2:10pm EST first pitch. Will Aaron Sele be able to pitch effectively against a younger arm with twice the talent? Will Sexson and Beltre benefit from the homer-proneness that Greinke displayed last summer? Will Justin Leone get an at bat against one of the three lefty relievers in the KC bullpen?